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Bygrønt Horsens - Sustainable Retail

The challenge is about designing a circular economic model for a shopping center.

With this challenge we would like to tie two words together; sustainability and retail.

If we can begin to design a sustainable behavior among the broad consumer, we have reached a milestone in the Danish green transition. In this challenge, we want to show that there can easily be shopping in front of sustainability.

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Submit your idea draft

Submit your idea draft

Submit your final idea

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Review of the ideas

Review of the ideas

Winner announcement

Winner announcement

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Bytorv Horsens is a shopping center that looks like most other shopping centers. Bytorv Horsens is located right in the middle of the town centre with 27 shops / restaurants spread over 2 floors. On the 1st floor is a playground for smaller children.

Bytorv Horsens opened in 2006. The center has had several owners, the current owner is BRF Kredit. It is the asset management company Aberdeen Asset Management that manages the shopping center.

Bytorv Horsens has three entrances - two towards Søndergade (the main street) and one towards Løvenørnsgade. The center also has a parking garage at the bottom of the center. The center has just over 3 million visitors a year.

During the last year Bytorv Horsens has worked on an overall vision of becoming the first sustainable shopping center with circular business models and a headline with SGD.

For making a sustainable shopping center, we have identified these these goals:

The transformation is named Bygrønt Horsens.

In Bygrønt Horsens the concept is situated around all 3 floors of the building:

  • Ground floor           Retail
  • 1st floor                  Food corner
  • 2nd floor                 On the Roof

On the ground floor level, focus is based on the everyday shopping experience. A shopping experience that has the same purpose as today; inspiration, shopping, accessibility and comfort - "just" in a green wrapper and a SDG in the center.

On the first floor, a food, children and family universe must be created. It should be seen as the meeting place in the city center. When we are tired of shopping and walking around the city, we would like to be able to sit in a nice environment that is relaxing with good opportunities for food, drink and children's activities. Therefore, in continuation of Foodcorner, there will be a children's universe with a large playground on 3 levels. In the children's area there will also be a baby station, with opportunity for breastfeeding and changing diapers.

On top of Bytorvet there is a 1800 m2 roof. This will be used for a 3rd floor. This concept is named "On the roof". There must be a common urban garden, which shall identify the downtown moving mood for a green oasis. It must be accessible to the entire Horsens population, and it will in future be a green lighthouse in Horsens.


All ideas must be functional, innovative and sustainable. Bygrønt Horsens sets the bar high, and all ideas, projects and concepts need to reflect that.

Bygrønt Horsens selected 4 different cases:

  1. A viable green roof
    - How do you design a green roof that inclusive for all citizen in Horsens?
    - How do you design green communities?
    - How do you design a business model (circular economy) where the customer does not pay for access?
  2. Visuel DNA
    - How do we design the green line through the whole center?
    - How do we tell the story?
    - How do we brand it?
  3. Green experiences
    - How do we design green experiences?
    - How do we design the circular economic model?
    - Use of technology and smartcities?
  4. Sustainable behavior
    - How do we design sustainable behavior in stores?
    - How do we design sustainable behavior of the customer?
    - How do we design sustainable behavior in society?

Further information on Facebook, and Bytorv Horsens' homepage.    

Submission Guidelines

Step 1:

To participate in this challenge you have to upload your idea/solution here on challenges.dk before April 25. If you do not have a profile, please sign up for a profile here.

Please note that this challenge is only open for students at VIA University College.

Step 2:

Submit your idea to challenges.dk at the top of this page.

Your submission should include:

  1. A title and a short description. If you participate in the course "Imagineering" at Campus Herning/Aarhus, you should include your group number in the very beginning of the description – not in the caption. If you update your idea while attending the workshops, please edit your original upload rather than creating a new submission.
  2. At least one visual representation of your solution in the form of an illustration or another prototype.
  3. A link to a video of a pitch for your final submission.

Your submission may include additional documents attached to to submission.

How does the Panel of Experts asses your submission?

You are assessed based on your ability to explain your idea, both in text and your visualizations, and your ability to create a compelling and sound argument for the solution and the value it could generate. Further, specifiy the SDGs your idea contribute to and reflect on how your solution could drive value to these particular SDGs.

Your idea or potential solution is assesed based on the following criteria:


·       Is the solution original and new?

·       To what extent does it set itself apart from existing solutions?


·       Is your solution desirable?

·       Will it really solve the challenge?


·       Is your solution possible?

·       Can it realistically be implemented?


·       How costly will your solution be -- will the benefits be worth the investment?

·       What are the most important desired outcomes and how will you measure success?

Potential impact

·       How does your idea influence Bytorv Horsens and its visitors?

·       Which of the SDGs does your idea contribute to?

Experience Design

·       How does the idea incorporate experience design?

You do NOT have to answer all of these questions one by one, but please do consider them when developing your solution. That way, your solution will be appropriate, actionable, and deliver tangible results!


  • Rakel Nåvik
  • Martin Storkholm Nielsen
  • Carsten Skovlund
  • Anne Poulsen
  • Merete Valbak
  • Klaus Greve True
  • Pernille Perigaard
  • Anders Koed Jensen


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