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The Circular Construction Challenge – Rethink Waste

Do You Want to Help Build a Zero-Waste World?

Join the Circular Construction Challenge – Rethink Waste to co-create transformative solutions for the built environment.

We are calling for innovators that reuse, recycle and upcycle waste to new solutions for the built environment. Addressing a global challenge of waste overload, the Circular Construction Challenge is inviting businesses and innovators to help build a world where waste does not exist: What is your solution for reuse and upcycling in the built environment?

Make sure to visit our site circularconstructionchallenge.org and to download the Challenge Call at the bottom of this page.

Up to DKK 1,000,000 + support
Kick-off and launch of challenge call

At the kick-off event in BLOX, Copenhagen we will launch the challenge call and speakers will share international experiences with both challenge processes and business cases within circular construction.

Submission deadline for solutions

Submit your idea before October 1st, 12am.

Pitch day of 10 shortlisted solutions by innovators

Up to 10 selected candidates will pitch their idea or solution to the Selection Committee.

Announcement of the 6 finalists

Up to 6 finalists will be announced at the Building Green Conference in Copenhagen, where each candidate will do a lightning talk about their solution. The audience to reach out with questions or an interest to join as a team member. After the finalists have been announced, we will open up for team member applications. For more details on this, as well as a detailed timeline, go to circularconstructionchallenge.org

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What is the Circular Construction Challenge?

The Circular Construction Challenge addresses this global problem of waste overload, mass consumption and continuously increasing resource use. We are calling for innovators to be part of the competition to reduce waste through the built environment. The challenge program is a one-year process altogether if you are among the 3 winning teams.  

Who can participate?
If you are a Danish-based material pioneer, designer, engineer, architect, craftsman or construction company - startup, SME or corporate - or a business innovator or tech expert that works with rethinking and reusing old materials or waste to create new solutions, do not hesitate to join the Circular Construction Challenge. As long as you have a commercial ambition with your idea and have a Danish CVR-number we are happy to receive your submission.

Furthermore, anyone in the global circular ecosystem with competencies and expertise in relation to the chosen ideas can join as a team member to help realize the prototype. Here, we are eager to have international experts join as well.

What is a good solution?
We are open to all ideas — no matter what stage of development they are in. As long as you — with support, new partnerships, prototyping and tests — are able to advance and scale radically. A good solution also takes both sides of the value chain into consideration: what type of waste do you remove from the equation and what resource do you then add?

For full information, download the challenge call

Circular Construction Challenge

The Award

The winning teams will receive substantial, long-term development support comprised of the following:

Help setting the right team
The winners will receive help in finding team members that can help create a solid solution - technically, aesthetically and commercially. The teams can be organized as project companies or as entrepreneurial companies and the winners will receive counselling to a tailor-made model.

6-months charged innovation process
The winners will receive exclusive access to a 6-month charged innovation process with 3 boot camps, where they - in the newly established teams - will take the solution to the next level through co-creation and expert guidance. The winners will get the opportunity to receive tailored mentoring from domain experts to support the prototyping phase including access to labs and prototyping facilities.

Up to DKK 1,000,000 for development costs
The winners will receive up to DKK 1,000,000 to support the development of a physical prototype. The money can cover expenses for materials, purchase of data, travel costs and a number of working hours.

Extended network, PR & partnerships
Furthermore, the winners will have access to dialogue and a feedback session with a panel of potential buyers and investors for the new solutions. The Circular Construction Challenge is also an opportunity to connect with a national and international network, to get access to new partnerships throughout the value chain and to get solid PR and branding of the participating businesses and organizations.


Idé-besvarelser for denne challenge (2)

We are upcycling plastic, to everyday products and in time building materials, trying to develop a recycled-plastic-tile, to be used in bathrooms.

Unlocking coffee's health potential. We recycle Spent Coffee Grounds (SCG) to extract high value compounds and produce ingredients for the cosmetics, functional foods and nutraceuticals markets.

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