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Poor management of food waste causes the loss of natural resources, human health issues, pollution of rivers and seas and a missed opportunity to recover valuable energy, organic matter, nutrients and water contained in food waste.

Frederiksberg municipality wants to prevent this and seek solutions to improve the management of food waste.

  • What would make it more convenient for Frederiksberg to sort their food waste?
  • And what ideas do you have that could reduce the amount of food waste which could have been prevented in the first place?

Submit your food waste idea, take the opportunity to help your community!

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Winner announcement

Winner announcement

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Today, there are two systems that the municipality of Frederiksberg is using in order to collect food waste. Houses in the municipality have a large bin outside, which is for gardening and food waste. Inside the house, the families have a small green bucket and green plastic bags made of biodegradable plastic to collect the food waste.

Outside the apartments, there are smaller bins for food waste. As in the houses, each household has a small bucket and green plastic bags to collect the food waste.. The bags are made from recycled plastic packaging or biodegradable material. The choice of either biodegradable or recycled plastic, where the latter is mechanically cut open and taken off in the treatment facility firm, results in two very different treatment methods for respectively mixed gardening- and food waste and pure food waste.

Why is the challenge important?
In order to solve issues affecting the great majority, such as environmental issues, there has to be a collaboration between the municipality and the public. The voice of the people need to be heard thus Frederiksberg municipality is eager to listen to your ideas.

What is the challenge about?
As of now, a lot of sortable food waste in Frederiksberg households are going into the mixed waste, more precisely about one third of the regular waste is in fact food waste, that could have been put into the green bucket. Furthermore, half of this
food waste that has been thrown out as regular waste, could have been prevented.

How can the participant contribute to the solution?
We urge all people with all kinds of backgrounds and nationalities to submit their ideas and perspectives. Can you find inspiration to your solution from your own town or other sources which can contribute to a more effective and easy way to sort household foodwaste? Or have you got another original idea?

Guidelines and criteria

Your submission should include a description of the solution.
For example, what materials are used, how is the solution used and potential implications if there are any. Your submission could include; an illustration either in digital form or upload a picture of what you have illustrated with pen and paper.

Criteria for the evaluation of the submission are the following:

  • Utility - How useful is it? To what extent will the households use it?
  • Feasibility - Can it realistically be implemented?
  • Viability - How costly will the solution be?

Reward and jury

The winner will receive a 500 DKK gift card on Too Good To Go.

Too Good To Go is a marketplace for food from stores and restaurants that are simplytoo good to go. They aim to reduce food waste.


Due to the Coronavirus an event will not take place.

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