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VIA INO21 Challenge 2: Rethink And Reuse Take Away Packaging

To participate in this challenge it is required that you are a student at VIA University College Engineering and take part in the Innovation weeks in week 5 and 6.

In Aarhus you find plenty of take away places that hand out food in some kind of packaging. Often it either consists of- or contains plastic, since plastic is both cheap and durable. No matter the type of material, the packaging OFTEN becomes a by-product and a residue, which is thrown out as it is difficult, or even impossible, to recycle. This means that the packaging ends up in trash cans and the resources are lost. Or even worse, it ends up as litter in the nature or around the city.

In 2025, a new law called "producentansvarsordningen" require manufacturers of one-time-use packaging to be responsible for the product life cycle. Presumably, this implies that manufacturers will be charged a fee depending on how friendly their packaging is to the environment.

In Denmark a similar scheme exists for cars, batteries and electronics. Furthermore, the deposit of bottles and cans for certain beverage packaging is also a part of having product responsibility. This illustrates that a broadened responsibility for products can be both in the form of recycling and reuse, which can be of inspiration for future takeaway packaging.

How can Aarhus as a whole, including the restauration business, help each other in minimizing litter coming from take away places? 

Bonus information: At the moment Aarhus Kommune is working on a new focus area in their plastic strategy. This deals with the take away segment and how the amount of plastic kan be minimized when it comes to take away. It can either be done by taking the plastic out of the products, recycling or be part of the Danish return system for bottles and cans.


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Idé-besvarelser for denne challenge (14)
Sticking to the previous video as the majority of the feedback was positive and while we agree that the audio quality is lacking and the seaturtles are slightly off topic we could not gather enough team members to rework it by adding people talking in the video. https://youtu.be/4GPGZACnyAg
Friendlier recycle bin, which motivates people to recycle more.
An idea by group 22 of INO 2021 at VIA. Uploading, Borislav Aleksiev
Link to pitch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AE-gAdZGMa8&feature=youtu.be
We have made a solution for sorting the trash i Aarhus. But also giving the thrasher an award for sorting the trash. See pitch for more info https://youtu.be/Rsd2cT9Wmtw We are: Davide Triolo Christian Mygind Bjarne Mikkelsen Mads Gødvad Brian Schack
This idea introduces TrashBots. TrashBots are compact mobile garbage collection units, which clean litter in the city. Users can call the TrashBots to their location to throw away their trash. Throwing takeaway waste grants the users rewards.
Group 15 Link for video: https://youtu.be/VByQLxXiEso Anett Bianka Barát - 293160 Franciska-Leonóra Török - 293171 Javier Peralta - 294416 Patrik Horny - 293112 Vlad Bobeica - 293145
A revolutionary new takeaway container made from milk. Group WD-14 - "Ideas that slide right in!" Made by: Ondrej Matha Robert Cocis Adrian Sebastian Iaros Giovanna Gomma
Prototypen er en IoT-baseret skraldespand, der via afstandssensorer måler hvor meget skrald der er i skraldespanden.
Unique QR/bar codes on packaging and scanners on waste provide a means to track and aware proper disposal.
A touch screen device. located on high-traffic trash bins. In central urban areas. Containing a variety of information: location, capacity, map for bins with special resources (e.g. batteries) and scheduled emptying of other bins.
Gruppe 43's løsningsforslag til bekæmpelse af skrald
A solution to the trash problem caused by takeaway packaging in Aarhus. Watch our video: https://youtu.be/ydkQIWur2QI Members:Eduard Stoica, Natalia Cucurull, Joshua Chavez, Ruhaan Ankalkoti