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SMUKFEST Sustainability Challenge

In order to participate in this challenge it is required to be a student at VIA University College.

Get an unique possibility to take part in the Smukfest festival in a different way, where you get to implement your idea, while the festival is unfolding. VIAs Student Incubators and Smukfest are launching a challenge, where you will have the chance to use your creativity and professional competences. You will present your idea for representatives from Smukfest, who will find a winner, that will get to continue to work with the idea, implementing it at the festival.

So grap your friends, form a group and come up with a solution to:

”How does Smukfest nudge their guests to not leave behind litter and camping gear, when they go home at the end of the festival?”

Smukfest puts in an enourmous effort to recycle tons of camping equipment and other litter left behind by their guests. The festival has already implemented a range of actions, but are looking for more creative input to how the problem can be solved, while at the same time, it should be fun and attractive for their guests.

Peter Ib, organizer of Smukfest, elaborates:
“We expect that you try and implement behavioral design and nudging in your solutions, and that they aim towards getting our guests to become better at recycle or reuse their equipment and handle their litter correctly.”

Smukfest wishes to influence the mindset of their guests towards it is not cool to live in a pigsty, nor acceptable to leave behind all kinds of camping equipment when the festival ends. It will give points to come up with new ideas, but creative rethinking of already tested
concepts are also able to win the contest.

While working on your idea and solution, you will be able to receive sparring at one of VIAs Student Incubators. So just because there is a long time until the submission deadline, join the competition as soon as you can - then you have time to get more feedback and sparring and make your idea even better! 

All relevant material and information can be found below.

Chance to work with the Smukfest organization (Oh, and tickets!)

Smukfest Sustainability challenge goes online

Deadline for submission

Last chance to submit an idea

Pitch day

Pitching in front of a jury


For the winning group only

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