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Circular Innovation City Challenge

NB: We have added a 'grace period' so you can submit your innovation until Monday 26th April, 8.00 am CET. This is due to technical issues experienced by some in submitting applications. Should you encounter any issues don't hesitate to reach out to the team. See contact persons on www.circularinnovation.city


We are looking for innovations to shape circular cities and urban sustainable living.

New York City, Toronto, Amsterdam, Glasgow, and Copenhagen have teamed up looking for innovative solutions from around the world. Solutions to create a city where businesses and people work together to make the most of our resources.  The challenge is a global call to action for innovators and entrepreneurs, businesses, and organisations. We invite and encourage all types of innovators globally to apply and to help us find the answers to create better and more circular cities.

Read more in the challenge statement (link at bottom of page), and submit your innovation no later than April 23rd 2021. Please note: Your submission content will only be accessed by and visible to the jury and challenge organising team.


Potential project with partner cities
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Launch and opening for submissions

We are opening for Expression of Interest for the Circular Climate Neutral Cities Challenge

Closing for submissions

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Indsendt af Repairland den 24. februar 2021

Hello, I don't understand how to submit my idea, and also what the exact benefits or process is following submission! Please let me know more details, as I think my start up is a great innovation for these cities! Thank you so much!!

Indsendt af Rebekka Edemann den 25. februar 2021

Som svar til af pierre Daigneault

Hi Pierre,

You should now be able to click on the 'submit idea' button on the challenge front page (just above the timeline).

Due to a mistake on the site, it has not been visible before today. Sorry for the incovenience.

Hi Clrwin,

please disregard the private/public submission fields, and just use the general attachment/link function. The "private/public submission fields" are a standard part of the system we unfortunately could not disable, but they are not relevant in this context as all submissions will be 'private' and only viewable by the jury and team.

Thanks, and looking forward to your submission

The CICC challenge team

Indsendt af marieke santema den 26. april 2021

Got kicked off the site several times in attempt to submit - deadline - 2 bad :(

Indsendt af marieke santema den 26. april 2021

Happy to submit directly via mail - or any other channel / platform if possible!