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Denne idé er en del af Circular Innovation in the Building Industry

1.2_VIA Innovation
14. marts 2019

BSafe- An app for building site safety

Tapas is precision positioning system with an accuracy of 1cm3. We have developed a product that will make the building site a safer place for workers and will help coordination between workers and machines.

It is done via GNSS (Global National Satellite System) which sets the position of workers and the machines and then the data is send back to the app.

In the present, safety is well defined on the building site, but in the future, as the technology is evolving and more machines and automation is implemented in the building industry, we must prevent possible accidents that could occur between humans and autonomous machines.

Our solution is developing a mobile app that tracks every human’s and machine’s position on a building site. By having this data, we can program the autonomous machines to avoid workers, we can predefine danger zones for cranes and areas where is high risk of accidents. If someone is trespassing the danger area, they will get a warning on the mobile device (cellphone, tablet, watch) so that they can go back in the safe zone.

The app can alert the person in danger in three ways: sound, visual and tactile.

In the application menu:

• Site map

• Weather

• Terms and conditions

• Times

Site map tells about dangerous zones, no access zones, material storage zones, work zones for machines, fly path of the drones, safe zones, workers positions, possible conflicts.

In the weather menu there are information about bad weather conditions for doing certain jobs.

Terms and conditions menu is for the building site rules and to inform workers of possible risks.

Times is for registering the working hours as well to announce workers to take a break.


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