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The Adtray (check PDF)

Denne idé er en del af VIA INO21 Challenge 1: Stop Littering With Cigarette Butts

8. februar 2021

The Adtray will feature a cut hexagon chassis made from light-weight aluminium. It may
be placed using either of its two mounting solutions: adhesive mat to connect to a flat
vertical surface (blue), and a strap system (magenta) for mounting on poles. The front of
the Adtraymay be used for three different advertisement banners, which constitutes the
means by which the product can be monetized. Once ready to be disposed of, the
cigarette butts may be placed in either of the holes at the top of the chassis (yellow).
Thereafter they will land on a tray, where an acoustic resonance imaging device will
beam its results to the cloud. A neural network will then determine the number of
cigarette butts disposed of. Once all cigarette butts have been disposed of, the user
may scan their personal QR code by means of the scanner at the top of the Adtray
(green), and as a result they will be issued a number of points. The points may
thereafter be used at partnered companies for special offer price cuts or other benefits.
The cigarette butts may be collected from the bottom of the Adtray, making use of a
mechanical hinged door (purple+red).


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