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Ashtray on the traffic signs board pilers

Denne idé er en del af VIA INO21 Challenge 1: Stop Littering With Cigarette Butts

8. februar 2021

Our group is composed of : 

Mohammad Tawfiq Rasuli (294453)
Phealy Thourk (293272)
Antoine Royer (302273)

The increasing of the waste in the street, in particularly due to the dropping of cigarette butts on the ground, is a real problem in the world. Many people drop their cigarettes butts on the ground because they don’t think about the pollution, but also because there is not ashtray everywhere in the street. In pedestrian street, we can find much garbage with ashtray for the smokers, but they drop their cigarettes butts on the ground when there is no garbage next to them. 

The solution that our group would like to present about the above problem could be, that we will build as much as possible cigarette butts in the traffic signs board pilers around the city. This is due to that the smokers could trash their cigarette butts without having them in their hands for long time and go around or throwing them out in public places to harm the society and environment.  

Our group has decided to have different size of ashtrays for the cigarette butts, for example. If the smokers are near to bus, bicycle, train, metro, or taxi stations then if there is not any trash there will be going to install big ashtrays due to the publicity. For the places where there are not more people or activities going around the group has decided to have small ashtrays.  

The advantage of this process is that any municipality will not use much money to send people around the city and collect each cigarette butts, they just need to send people to collect the cigarette butts in the exact location. On the one hand, they will save the time and on the other hand they can collect more cigarette butts and replace the full pockets with empty and take care of hygiene in the places.  

The disadvantage could be that the municipality of Arhus could use more money in this project, due to there will be the need of more ashtrays around the city.  

Finally, the group would like to express that, before that the group write about this problem and find the solution, the group has already done an investigation, for example we have used google search, online surveys, and more search engines, like Bing, Firefox, ethernet, to see if we will going to get some link that have the same idea, but fortunately no. Our group has made the best idea so far.  


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