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B2B Bidding Platform for Resources

Denne idé er en del af Smart & Close — Circular Data Challenge

12. november 2019

With our idea we are solving the challenge of surplus materials from industrial processes going to waste. Our idea aims at connecting companies having material surplus with companies in need of specific materials. The platform would collect data on surplus material and profile it. Business on the demand side could search and bid for required materials. The supplier can then accept the offer if it is economically, environmentally and/or socially viable. 

The required data for the platform includes availability and specific characteristics of materials provided by the supplier side. Also data on the demand side could be useful to build the platform efficiently by profiling their needs and connect them to the right suppliers. This would enable a mapping of material surpluses and thereby efficient distribution. 

The idea would contribute to circularity by avoiding loss of materials and instead making them available for repurpose, recycling or reuse. It would enable the creation of a network facilitating circular supply allowing for continuous flow and the establishment of long term partnerships eventually leading to industrial symbiosis.

The key players are the businesses on both the supply and demand side. The supply side would gain value from cost saving as well as additional revenue streams. Value for the demand side companies would be generated from cost saving by gaining access to potentially cheaper resources. Additionally the municipality would benefit in this as they would save costs due to the reduction of industrial waste. Barriers to the solution are constituted by the two sided nature of the platform, meaning that it is essential to secure companies on both the supply and demand side at the same time to ensure the success of the platform. This requires willingness and adequate incentive for the stakeholders to engage in the platform. However this barrier could be mitigated by the aspect of CSR created for the companies participating in the platform through the circularity the solution would facilitate. 

The reduction of waste constitutes a value to citizens and businesses alike as it constitutes a more efficient use of resources.