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VIA Challenge - group 8

Denne idé er en del af Welfare professions and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

8. februar 2019


This morning we did a brainstorming session on the challenge, and the outcome is that we all have very different ideas and still need to choose one we are going to focus on. But for now, we have chosen to work with the following UN Sustainable Development Goals:


Ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns


Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all

Some of the ideas that we came up with already are;

- A water filter bag, which is made from reusable plastic

- Waste plastic and garbage turned into furniture

- Lights that automatically turn off in all houses

- Make the use of electric cars accessible for everyone

- Reward for returning plastic bottles in cosmetics and food

- A way to make language for non-native speaking children a non-barrier


Today, we have decided to work with the goal of health and well being(3).

We have come up with the idea about sensory stimulation, which can benefit a wide group of people.


What is your idea about and what needs and problems will i solve?

- Our idea is making expensive tools for special needs accessible for everyone, because the problem is that it is very expensive to buy on your own, even though some can get granted these tools. 

- Target-group: The special needs that we are focusing on in this case is people with cognitive disabilities like, spasticity, motorical uneasiness, lack of concentration, dementia, psykological- og neurological disorders.

To whom can this idea be useful/who will benefit from your idea and why?

- The tools needed for this target-group can be very expensive, so they can be difficult to get and pay for. The idea will be sustainable and easy to make and also easy to get for the families/target-group that needs it.

Where will your idea/solution be useful?

- The idea can be used in private household and institutions where they are needed, but also in care homes.

How will your idea solve the challenge?

- The Challenge is to develop specific practice settings or professions using the SDGs as guidelines. Our idea combines the goals number 3(health and well being) and 12 (responsible consumption and production) to a specific product. 

How to get the idea out in the world:

- Blogs, youtube-channel, internet platforms for people with disability, cooperate with the care homes, (art classes can make and give to others).

Video of presentations and pitch: https://youtu.be/XUPXWLsuh_U


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