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#CigaretteFacts (innovation 31)

Denne idé er en del af VIA INO21 Challenge 1: Stop Littering With Cigarette Butts

8. februar 2021

How is the concept different?  

The idea focuses on targeting different habitats with relevant data collected for the habitats. Moreover, the idea centers around putting facts “out there” for people to see when throwing away their cigarette butts and the design of the bin is different for each habitat listed further below. 

What products, activities, services, or other things are incorporated in the concept?  

The already existing bins get a “makeover” in the form of a facts-based design. The facts that get printed on the bins are based on data gathered from 25 municipalities and habitats therein.  

Certain design choices might be incorporated and customized based on the habitat. 

What experience must the concept create? 

Raising awareness and informing people by creating a wow factor when reading the facts/statements. Hopefully delivering an eye-opener to the concerning person about the severity of the situation/problem.  

Where does the concept take place? 

The concept takes place in the top 5 most burdened habitats regarding the situation according to the gathered data from “Hold Danmark Rent”. The top 5 habitats are: Squares, main streets and shopping streets, side streets, parks, recreation areas and bus stations/train stations.