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Denne idé er en del af The Circular Construction Challenge – Rethink Waste

6. oktober 2018

The idea is to create and design a solution to handle waste from the building industry, which contains all necessary steps inside handling the enormous amounts of waste from both refurbishment building projects and the establishment of new buildings.

A holistic approach that includes solutions from carrying out the project material, project planning with consultancy regarding the treatment of waste of all kinds that are “To Good To Go”.

A place which can contain all the challenges there is to reuse, recycle
and upcycle resources from the building environment. A place where it is possible to handle the resources correctly concerning the correct cleaning
processes concerning environmentally hazardous substances and provides the facilities to store resources until the building materials are needed on a new building project.

We want to keep track of the amount of which materials and resources
are available for future projects in the resource hotel by using an app, checking in all available resources and materials, and being able to reserve products and materials for an upcoming building project.

Timing is everything when it comes to resale of recycled or upcycled building
elements or materials. When a building material or element is needed on a
specific date, it must be available at that specific date regarding the right type, quality and amount.

The idea is to avoid to many extra steps and therefor extra costs and even more challenges.

The flow of building waste to recycling requires solid communication between all the parties involved. It is our hope that a complete solution will help to avoid misunderstandings and the many steps involved in the process.    

- - -

Circular solution
We think that the solution is circular because waste from one building site is transported directly from the building site straight to the resource hotel and reused at another building site. The whole process all the way from waste being simple waste to become resources and return of wastes back to manufacturing processes hopefully ending up by being a new building element in a new building. Maybe later with the possibility to dissemble the building element and to be built in again.  

Responsible management of waste is an essential aspect of sustainable building.

Types of waste to be reduced by the solution
Hopefully the solution will reduce all kinds of waste from demolition and construction, except materials destined for disposal and materials which is only suitable for combustion.

Important waste fraction to reduce
There is already a great focus on eliminating waste where possible from demolition projects. Many years of experience on how it is possible to get as much out of building-related waste from demolition projects, makes demolition workers some of the experts in the building industry. We need to have increased focus on the large amount of waste from the execution of new buildings and take actions to reduce waste in new construction projects, by promoting and seeking out opportunities for incorporation of recycled materials into new products.

Social, economic and environmental gains
Lately some of the new initiatives in developing new methods for reducing building-related waste, has incorporated sustainability in relation to both the environment, economy and social inclusion. 3R is an excellent example of how to achieve exactly that and the educating part of our suggested solution is inspired by that exactly.

It is obvious that elimination of waste can be beneficial to reduce impacts on human health and the environment by saving extra energy and natural resources. At the same time when looking into design and construction processes of new buildings, there is no doubt that having an extra focus already in the designing faces also makes good sense economically. Some building-related waste can be minimized enormously if materials and products are selected on the basis of the standard shape and form or if the organization of floor plans are designed and carried out so that the decisions on the final arrangement and design relates to the shape and measurements of the standard. It also makes sense related to saving energy on transport of building materials.
A very important part of the suggested solution is educating, and motivating people involved in the whole process. Motivating everyone on the important part they play to end up with the complete solution making sense.

Hopefully the design and process solution can be transmitted to involve waste handling worldwide. One of the most important part of our idea, is to create design and methods as simple as possible and thereby make it easy to understand and act by for everyone involved.
It is important for the suggested idea and solution that the design and processes can be adjusted to fit into all various scales and places, both when it comes to the space needed and design.

To move on and start creating new products or incorporate upcycled materials in the building process, requires more building owners who are willing to take the financial risks and building projects where we can test new products and methods for what is possible and how it should be carried out. So many designs of building projects start up by having many aspects of sustainable solutions such as focus on reducing waste integrated from the start but there are still so many risks and insecurities in connection with the use of new methods and products and many of the projects ends up giving in on the ideas and dreams.

- - -

We need people with knowledge and knowhow inside the entire upcycling processes and methods. With access to the right technologies, seeking out new opportunities to incorporate recycled materials into products, both new and more traditional products. From demolition workers, technologist, experts in recycling all the way to truck drivers and people with experience inside the design and developing of app systems.

- - -

The CCC-program
This challenge create optimal conditions for our idea to succeed as soon as possible in order to get startet right away. The cooperation with different approaches and disciplines combined with our competencies would develop the idea to perfection.


- - -


Process plan in short:
Research - design - testing - the final design -  production - implementation.

Process plan:
Find out which add-ons makes good sense in the working process on the building site, by visiting different types of building sites, interweaving different workers on site and getting to know the challenges in-depth they meet during the building process, both concerning refurbishment and new building projects.

We need to carry out test on different building sites to see how the increased focus on the use of nudging and signs works in the daily processes.  
To get a deeper appreciation of the workflow in the execution of new buildings and demolition projects to understand the daily challenges when handling waste to be able to form and design the small sorting wheelbarrows used near to the construction process.

We need to go deeper into the challenges there is when the cleaning processes should be carried out. Find out if and how it is possible to handle the processes which involves dust and noise inside the contain area.

We need cooperation in order to make optimal achitectual planning, interior and layout of a resource hotel.

To develop the very important app for Contain, we need to pin out which functions are needed to keep track on resources coming in and out of the contain area and how to create a feature which makes it possible to reserve building materials, products and elements. We need to form a test group of people with different approaches to the building process, such as building owners and builders, to test the Cotain app. The app must be as detailed as possible but with a function as simple as possible - starting with a test version, adjustments and then the final version.