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Enin - Company Risk and Insight

Denne idé er en del af Nordic Data Sandbox Challenge: bogføringsdata

17. oktober 2019

Enin currently uses openly available information on companies in Norway to give banks insights into the risks in their portfolio. Using company-internal data, we can not only create improved risk models, but we can also give companies a full 360 degree view of the risks they are faced with.

Using invoices a company receives and sends out, we know how much liquidity a company has exposed at any point, and to who. We can warn the company when their suppliers or customers are facing increased risks, so that they can avoid potentially losing money. We can also warn a company when invoices that are at risk of being paid late can cause liquidity problems for them by using predictive algorithms.

Enin has a currently operating solution for Norwegian banks, but this would also be our first attempt at expanding our solution to work across the Nordic countries.