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Denne idé er en del af The Circular Construction Challenge – Rethink Waste

7. oktober 2018

Our existing buildings can be viewed as a resource deposit for future construction projects, To avoid that existing buildings ends up as waste, a new technology is proposed to be developed as a facilitator of circular solutions by implementing more reused and recycled components in new projects.

At the core of this technology is a new process and a digital exchange market, where demolition crews and building owners can showcase and trade potentially reusable components, materials and solutions for new projects.

They are displayed as digital BIM-objects that can be incorporated in to digital modelling of new designs and are saturated with information on availability, business case, transportation paths.

When designers use the virtual objects, the actual physical components can be traded on the same platform.

The potential impact of the digital exchange market for circular solutions include:

-       Less waste and transportation – With direct delivery on-site and transparent transportation paths from site to site of extracted reusable components, waste is reduced from both demolition and production.

-       New business opportunities, value chain integration and new roles – The process will change the relationship between the project partners and suppliers – as well as the business model. The building owner and demolition contractor will be in the position of being a construction product supplier – and the architect and engineers will get opportunity to go further into the execution.

-       Export of technology – Ideally, the defined tech stack and process is scalable beyond Denmark and a exportable good. This should be attractive, as construction in Denmark is an import industry today – ad since technology makes exponential growth possible.

-       Defined targets and catalogue over circular solutions – Combining the digital objects, digital design BIM, the digital project twin and the transactions from the circular exchange market a catalogue of solutions are generated, that make the business case and environmental effect be made available for scrutiny and inspiration.

-       Scale and accelerate – Digitally supported processes have the potential to be scaled and accelerated rapidly and cheaply, which make the impact easier to multiply and possible to grow exponentially.

Once up and running, the exchange market will serve as the base for further development of processes, solutions, cases and design.

The development of the solution would require the engagement of designers, building owners, clients, technology providers, contractors, demolition companies, authorities, suppliers, producers as well as experts in circular construction.

The CCC-program could establish a non-competive and proactive setting for the coalition of participants, as well as fund the development of the process and digital solution with examples for an digital circular exchange market.