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Fighting food waste: Kenya mission

Denne idé er en del af Welfare professions and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

8. februar 2019

Team 3

What we have created:
is a floor game where the kids with help from each other and an adult like a social educator or nurse go through a lot of questions and activities in order to inform and teach about food waste so we can bring something to Kenya in this fiction game. 

Why do we want to do this?

We think it is a good idea because this is a way to learn kids about the future and the world problems, because the kids are our future. We choose to use it in kindergardens where the kids have the age 3-5 years old. That is also why we decided the game should be a mix between questions and activities so the kids will go through the game in an active and playful way.

Motivation - what does it change?

  • We hope the children will realize that food waste is a big problem in the world and  that they learn what it is 
  • Maybe they will start something at home that will help to reduce food waste and  go into a conversation with their parents 

How did we do it?
We have used 2 professions: Nurse and Social education in order to create the game and we use question/activity cards. By making this game, we used the knowledge of the nurse and social educator for the target audience so we can make a game that suits with their age. 

How do you play it?

Kenya mission is a game you can play on the floor. So the kids have to be active and move around with their body. on the floor there are 2 countries (Denmark and Kenya). Between the 2 countries there is a bridge.There are spots in different colors. For the beginning the adult has to read an orange card to start the game.The kids must spin the spinner  --> This desides where they have to go. When they do an activity or answer a question, they receive an ingredient. If they have all the ingredients, they can cross the bridge to Kenya. There they will find a green paper. The adult must read it. 

How can it solve the challenge?

We focused on our professions in order to find a way to change or teach kids vision about food. 

Our idea comes from the social educators internship because we experienced some of the kids wouldn't eat their lunch and maybe just rubbished it. This is also why we have made this game because we can use it in our professions to let the kids learn to re-use food instead of rubbish it and hopefully learn the kids about food waste by giving them a few facts in a playful way about some of the UN goals. 

We want to learn the kids some of UN-goals and make them consciously about it in a playful way, but can also be used as a teaching tool. So it is a beginning for making a difference in order to solve the challenge. 


Link to pitch: https://youtu.be/A3ILMjci8n0


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Indsendt af Baagø den 20. februar 2019


Interesting idea - at first, I understood your idea as a roleplay like "Unge på flugt" (check it out).
I'd really like to know more about the gameplay of this game and the context in which It will be played.
Would you elaborate?
Best regards