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The Firefly bins (Group 6)

Denne idé er en del af VIA INO21 Challenge 3: Prevent Pollution From Channels Into Oceans

Sebastian Jensen
8. februar 2021

This concept is different because it takes the initial design of a trash can and improves upon it by adding lights for easy visibility. It will have the added functionality of being able to be used to sort pant, cigarette buts, recyclables, trash, etc. with a greater capacity for trash. It is additionally designed so that animals are not able to access the trash. This will then be paired with an app where one can report if the trash bins in the area are full to avoid overflows and pollution. The app can be used for user surveys as well to collect data. There will additionally be a website for one-time users. QR codes will be placed on the bins so that they can be scanned and reported when they are full. The bin will be created from reused plastics to avoid additional pollution.   

It creates an easily accessible and easy to use experience for users. Specifically utilizing the app so that they can feel as though they are having an impact on the environment and upholding their civic responsibility by reporting trash overflows. The firefly bin will be easy to use and enhance the user experience through easy sorting. Since the firefly bin is also illuminated it will help the user find the bin when it becomes dark.   

The Firefly bins are set to replace regular city bins. Additional Firefly bins will be put up in the places it is possible, this is adhering to architectural guidelines and commune rules. These bins are versatile and can be used in a multitude of settings.  


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