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Denne idé er en del af Welfare professions and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Kira Lau
21. februar 2019

Let's go "Funtrashtic"!

Our main focus is to work with sorting of garbage and getting knowledge about waste. In all our practices sorting of garbage is a problem, and something we think we should be better at. We chose social education as the practice setting, because we want to influence children in an early age. We want to make it as a part of the normal day to sort garbage and that's why we want to start working with the next generation where sorting your garbage is a natural thing.

Our Idea is to create a 2-week program where garbage is the main focus. 
The program will take place in kindergarten (kids around the year 5)
The program will contain good knowledge about waste and recycling trough different activities. It will mostly be learning by doing.

The activities will be a combination of;

  • dance
  • song
  • movie
  • book reading
  • trash picking
  • trash sorting
  • creative corner

by the end of the 2-week program we will have an exhibition where the parents will be invited to see what the children have created out of recycled materials (which will be a part of the creative corner activity)
We want to invite the parents because we want to include them and maybe get them inspired by the children’s creations. 
We also know that it’s easier to get the children involved if the parents are involved as well.     
Furthermore, we hope this contributes to more awareness concerning the environment.  

In our research we have realised that our idea is very possible to implement in the Danish kindergartens, which is based on our interviews with social educators and a kindergarten leader. They expressed an interest in our idea and seemed opened towards implementing it.
Our idea is also very low budget which makes it a realistic project.

If you are ready, we are ready LET’S GO FUNTRASHTIC!