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Gender Equality - Team 16

Denne idé er en del af Welfare professions and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

22. februar 2019

Gender equality is a thing which is not given. In the field of socail workers, there is only 6,7% male workers in kindergartens and 2,7% in nuseries. 
This is a huge disadvantage, and we are trying to make a tool which can make it easier and safer for male social workers to work as a social worker in kindergartens and nuseries. 

One of the thing you could do to spread the word is to have a week, just like week6 where there is focus on sex and gender, then have a week where there is focus on Gender equality. This would help spread the word and make sure that the idea could reach alot more people. 

Pictures and video is in the word docs. 

Made by Tine Amby, Cecilie Bjeldbak, Helena Bach Thaysen, Constantin Svanborg, Rune Lohmann Skytte & Kent Mølgaard