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28. november 2018

Helping to create awareness of electronic waste (e-waste) recycling and enable a convenient, stress- free disposal of old electronic items.
Online tool to hire an e-waste pickup for big electronic (oven, fridges and other white goods) products or ones with sensitive data (mobile phones, computers, laptops, tablets) on it.

Every person in Copenhagen who does have a broken/old electronic item and no car, time and e-waste bin.

E-waste is the fastest growing waste stream. The e-waste market isn't disrupted, Recycling rates are low. E-waste recycling is needed to reduce emissions, scarcity of precious and rare earth elements and achieve a circular economy

Which SDGs are affected?

- 11: Rising urbanization will lead to challenges of (e-)waste management 

- 12: Recycling of e-waste has incredible potential due to resource savings and effects on the supply chain. Less energy is needed when the material is recycled and CO2 emissions are reduced. Less primary resources have to be mined under bad circumstances. In general recycling of e-waste has huge benefits environmentally, economically, for public health and safety. See more in my Master Thesis about Circular E-Waste Management.


- Using Bikes for the pickup

- Connect pickup with homepage/app like food delivery

- Create awareness through social media and online marketing


- The low initial cost to start


- Every intercepted electronic item saves resources and reduces pollution due to wrong waste disposal/management 


- Scalable to other big cities and countries. First, start in bigger and densely populated areas and then go to remoter places.

- The legislation in Europe is unified through the EU WEEE Directive and therefore when the Startup is established it can be scaled.