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Green Design Base

Denne idé er en del af The Circular Construction Challenge – Rethink Waste

30. september 2018

Green Design Base is a collaboration between About Innovation (http://www.aboutinno.dk) and Cyklus Studio (http://cyklusstudio.dk), two creative businesses committed to sustainability and up-cycling. 

Waste Transformation

The project begins with wood waste. Our primary source for this wood is ARGO - they run recycling centers for 9 municipalities. The wood for this project is selected from 50 tons of interior wood that is processed every day. Normally this wood is ground up and used for particle board. We believe these scraps have a higher value and be can used more effectively and more sustainably and we are currently in dialog with ARGO about how we might collaborate.

The selected waste will be free of hazardous materials and harmful substances.

This waste is transformed by cutting the wood scraps into strips of similar dimensions. These strips are then laminated together to form panels that comprise the cabinet fronts.

Sustainable Kitchens

The end product can either a complete kitchen or replacement cabinet fronts. In the event of complete kitchen remodeling, the old kitchen will be incorporated in the circular concept. For instance, we can reuse the cabinet boxes in other projects or resell the useable elements. 

The recycled wood is concentrated in the cabinet front, where the cabinet box itself would be made of plywood that is FSC certified. The plywood would be screwed together for further recycling and the end of the kitchen's life.

Local then Localized-Scaling

The initial business is focused on Copenhagen and the surrounding areas. This would be a local sourcing for wood, a local production, local workforce and a local end use - therefor reducing the environmental impact associated with transport as much as possible. 

When scaling the business, this model will be repeated, where the entire supply chain is restricted to a localized areas. 

Circular Business Model

We work with a circular business model, where we have an eye for value-chains through transformation of waste, underutilized facilities, and extended producer responsibility. 


We have found very few kitchen concepts that include local production, recycled materials and take back programs. This project will provide an option for customers looking for a innovative, locally produced, high quality kitchen that incorporates sustainability on all levels.

Status and Next Steps

Currently the project is at a concept stage. We have constructed early mock-ups, and researched waste wood sourcing. To grow the concept requires greater market understanding, production possibilities, and several new prototypes and finding the right partners. We will use the support of the Circular Construction Challenge to develop this business.