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Denne idé er en del af Smart & Close — Circular Data Challenge

Rodrigo Oliveira
Rodrigo Oliveira
29. november 2019

Green Mining has developed an Intelligent Reverse Logistics technology to find and recover efficiently  post-consumer packaging and bring it back into the production cycle. Our traceability systemensures that all collected material is sent for recycling. The startup formalizes work for people with few job
opportunities and uses non-motorized vehicles, such as tricycles, to make collections on the "on trade" (bars, restaurants, hotels) avoiding CO2 emissions.

To engage consumers on recycling and create a big data on waste we developed a rewarding platform, so everyone who played a part earn a GREEN MINING TOKEN (GMT): People can sort the waste at home, put into a bag with a QR code tag and scan it. The person can either ask, through our App for anyone else to collect and deliver it to out HUBs, or take it themselfs, earning more coins. So in a total effortless process, people won´t need to go outside, they can ear just for sorting.

Anyone can be a collector, such as students, app drivers, taxis oe even your  neighbor, and they will also be rewarded with our GMT. 

Our blockchain rewarding system in a peer to peer operation,  not only creates a push towards more recycling, but also a whole ecosystem of people that can have an extra source of income. This token value is based on the recycling material value so we guarantee a secure way to reward people. Our token can be cash withdrawal, exchange for discount, loyalty programs and also na opportunity to create a gamefication of recycling. Or even keep their token as a way to show environmental commitment.