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Greener, healthier & happier

Denne idé er en del af Welfare professions and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

8. februar 2019

Group nr. 12.

We want to make Viborg greener, healthier and happier. We will do it based on the sustainable development goals number 3 and 13, but our solutions does also match other goals. We especially wants to improve and promote healthier lives and well-beings for all ages. Over time we want to change the normal trees that are planted in Viborg with fruit trees. When a tree needs to be dug up or needs to be changed, we want to plant a fruit tree instead of a non-edible tree. But also when there is plans about planting new trees in the city, we want it to be fruit trees.

Link to our pitch: https://youtu.be/38IRk5I5QYw 




Indsendt af Baagø den 20. februar 2019

I really like your idea with geolocating trees and make events around fruit-trees. But please elaborate here on the platform, as your current upload are kind of hard to grasp with the current materials. Further I think you shoud focus on all the other aspects of your idea than the app. Maybe you could get inspiration from initiatives such as http://smagpaaaarhus.dk/ or organisations like friluftsraadet.dk.
Best regards

Indsendt af Bente Stisen den 20. februar 2019

Great idea. I agree on Claus comment on elaborating. Have you considered how your solution can relate to your different professions