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Group 10 - The 10 Waste Watchers

Denne idé er en del af VIA INO21 Challenge 3: Prevent Pollution From Channels Into Oceans

2. februar 2021

The name of our product is Kick It In!

Can we agree that we all want a healthy environment? However, waste is disgusting - especially one of others. We have created a solution to make the environment cleaner without getting yourself dirty. 

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Here is a description of Kick It In!

The underground waste container makes it possible for you to push in the trash with your foot, or for the wind to lead waste towards it. The container lid is made from 304 stainless steel, to make it withstand the outdoor conditions, and make it possible for people to stand or sit on it. To make awareness for the container, the lid has a neon green foil, matching the ren by Aarhus trash cans. The underground container has an outer layer of high-density polyethylene with holes, for water to leave the can. It is possible to mold the container with the holes in production. To avoid concentrated dirty water sifting into the soil, the waste container can be connected to the sewer system.

The waste container can be emptied in the same way as other trash cans, making it easy to implement for the municipality. As it is mixed trash which often will be dirty, it will not be beneficial to recycle due to used energy in the process compared with the outcome. The waste can be incinerated in the same way as normal residual waste. It will have a positive sustainable impact, as less waste will end up in the channel. It is a possibility that the water entering the sewer system is highly polluted. The issue can be helped with an added filter between the container and the sewer system.