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Group 14

Denne idé er en del af Welfare professions and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

19. februar 2019

Our challenges is: How do parents who have work schedules outside institution working hours, have possibilities to take care of their children?

From July 2018 all municipalities must offer a combination scheme. Which means that parents who need someone to take care of their child / children because of work, outside the daycare institutions working hour, parents must send documentation to the municipality, so parent can´t misuse the offer.

Then the municipality gives some subsidy to hire a babysitter or the parents can choose the 24 hours daycare and also get some subsidy to this.

Professor Per Schultz Jørgensen is critical towards the combination scheme. He said that the quality of care is missing.

Then you choose to have a babysitter that goes to the family’s house to take care of your children in the evening, night and weekend. It’s your own responsibility to take care of the administration, because you have to make your own corporation, when they have to do it that way.

It means that you have to make sure that the babysitter gets the sick days they are justified, examples holidays and overtime payment.

Our idea is to make a corporation, who can handle all the administrative stuff. We want to make sure that those who come to your home and take care for your children are qualified. Therefore, we will hire social educator students, social educator senior, unemployed social educator and social assistant. We know from BUPL that there are a lot of unemployed social educators.

To make sure that the family and the employed has a good connection, we process their applications and then they must meet each other and get to now each other after they make a decisions about the employment contract. Our corporation can maybe become a social economical corporation.

We work with the UN government goals. In our challenge we work primary with goal number 3, which is about good-health and well-being. We also work secondary with goal number 17, which is about partnerships for the goals.