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group 19 - Trash-hunters

Denne idé er en del af Welfare professions and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

8. februar 2019

Trash-Hunters the app

In Denmark sorting trash from households is newly implemented mostly everywhere. And our idea drops right into this new sustainable era. 

Our idea is based on the SDG’s, especially number three and 13, good health and wellbeing and climate action. 

We want to develop an app inspired by Pokémon Go, available for all ages. The app will be a trash-collecting-app, where the participants needs to go out and collect trash, sort it by check-points (trash cans). The checkpoints will be four trash cans, where the participants sort the trash, and get trash points. By the checkpoints as well as by for example bottle machines, we will use QR-codes, which makes it possible to “check in”, sort the trash, and get trash points. 

Our idea is meant to help removing trash from nature and streets, and at the same time get people moving - which we consider a health promoting side effect. Our idea will hopefully also create a consciousness about, what climate consequences it has to throw trash in the nature, and also why it is important to sort the trash correctly. 

Our idea has to do with climate, and hopefully it can help make a cleaner nature. It may also affect or inspire the participants to make more sustainable choices every day. 

Our idea can be used by all ages, whether you have a smartphone or not, because it is not necessarily an individual game. It is relevant for all who wants to go outdoor for a walk, fresh air and movement. The app can be used at for example institutions, schools and nursing home/senior center. 

To read more about our idea and see our video click here: