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Group 6: Clean up nature

Denne idé er en del af Welfare professions and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

19. februar 2019

Group nr.6

The "clean up" race.
Our idea is to edducate kids about the environment and make them more aware about the importants of a cleaner world, wich leads us to make a "clean up" race, wich will be done contenously every year, where kids are going to attend and collect sponsors. The sponsors could be family and friends. The kids will earn money pr. collected bag with waste. The money will be donated to research or charity (different places every year)


Our project and the work toward our product:

See our project HERE:


See the youtube clip and hear our song about saving the world:

See the youtube video to see our presentation from the marked day:

See the youtube link to watch us talk about our team and how we worked in the group:


Our work with the project:

Understanding of challenges; what do we know and what do we not know.

We know:
- come up with an idea/problem that can be built on, evolved on or solved
- we know the SDG’s is a collection of 17 global problems that can be transferred to each our professions

what we don’t know:
- We don’t know how to solve the problem yet
- Missing knowledge about our idea

The context (or practice setting) you will be working in – or thoughts about it, if you haven’t decided yet.

- Within the nursing profession.

Ideas on formulation of your challenges – the more specific the better.

- Talked about a cheap shirt that has some kind of healthy function.

- Talked about a shoe for diabetics that looks modern, is cheap and made from recycled stuff as plastic or clothing.

- Making a race and a song

These ideas are taken from the SDG goals number
4 Quality education
6 Clean water and sanitation  
12 responsible consumption
13 protect the planet
14 Life below water
15 Life on land


Indsendt af Baagø den 21. februar 2019

Interesting idea! Try to elaborate on the race. I would like to know, how you will get people's attention - why would they want to participate and how will you try to relate to the target group? Is it a race for parents and children or children in institutions?
Further - how do you use your professions to qualify the race?

Looking forward to knowing more about your idea:)

Best Regards