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Gruppe 21

Denne idé er en del af Welfare professions and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Priscilla Quartey
Priscilla Quartey
8. februar 2019

Gruppe 21 

A garbage container that can sort garbage in different kinds of materials such as, plastic, papier metal, residual waste which can be recycled. The garbage container would be able to sort out these materials by sensors that are placed inside the container, by rotation of the platform I the container, the materials gets sorted in different tubes. The garbage container would be made out of recycled  materials.To realize our idea, we would have to include other profession such as programmers and waste collectors in terms of how to make our idea possible and which challenges that we eventually could be facing due to programming and how many different tubes, we would need to make it convenient for users.

Involvement of the SDG

We were primarily working to improve goal 13 climate action, but our product also has an impact on other goals such as goal 11 which is sustainable cities and communities. All though our product was mainly meant to be used in hospitals and other institutions, we are optimistic, that feather development and adjustment to the product, it could be useful in communities as well, and help make it easier in terms of correct garbage sorting.  
Our product Is also going to have a positive impact on goal 12 responsible consumption and production, because reusing the materials is going to be less damaging for the environment and help nature in the long run. The product would also be effective for goal 15 life on land as goal 14 life below water, for example we often hear about how problematic it is for life in the sea because of unthoughtful plastic disposal, which has resulted in pollution in the sea, and therefore different kinds of species such as wheals wash up to shore and have died of plastic consumption. By correct disposal of these materials and we help restore life on land and in sea by minimizing pollution.

video of pitch: 


Indsendt af Baagø den 20. februar 2019

Thanks for sharing. I would really like you to elaborate the connection between your trashcan idea and your wellfare professions. How is this desireable for your target group - and who are the group more specifically?

Best regards