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Denne idé er en del af Den Cirkulære Tekstil Challenge

3. oktober 2019


This is my idea about reusing communal waste textiles (however, not towels or bibs;) ).

Every creative person knows, that the creative process in manual visual (arts) project goes often through a "dirty" stage. This is a reason, why many state institutions offering classes, education, workshops or thema arrangements, purchase artist aprons for protection of participants clothes. Kindergartens, schools, museums, churches, scouts - they all need a number of this particular item, every year, for carrying art excersises.

Artist apron does not have to be perfectly even in colour, texture, or shape, because its purpose is absolutely practical. After its first use will get smudged with a number of products, like paint, glue, coal etc. A pocket is highly appreciated - and such existing detail can be found in many commune waste textiles types. Quality of a fabric should not be the worst, since aprons shall last for some time. The fabric have to definitely be washed / disinfected before reaching the sewing and destiny place. 

Considering the growing awareness of a social responsibility for earth future, I believe that this project can find a great responce.

My best regards

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Gosia :)