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Denne idé er en del af Nordic Data Sandbox Challenge: bogføringsdata

Janet Margarita Bacovich Poirier
Janet Margarita Bacovich Poirier
14. oktober 2019

In order to reduce the CO2 footprint in our Planet in a blue way food production. We should get more aquatic and less land suppliers. With our blue investment platform, you will help local entrepreneurs to produce “blue” sea-food locally decreasing the CO2 impact in our Planet.

At the same time with our App, we will teach you how to reduce individually the CO2 in our urban areas. How to be blue in our daily life?

You will track your own CO2 footprint to get more blue-urban.

We will provoke social Impact for communities (815 million people are hungry today), Environmental Impact for the world and Financial Impact for investors and local entrepreneurs.

We will partnership with IBM for its existent Blockchain technology to track shrimps and Supply chain in its food refrigeration process (standarization of food) building a trustable product from developing countries to developed countries.