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Denne idé er en del af Smart & Close — Circular Data Challenge

Kristina Sopuchova
29. november 2019

Which challenges does our idea address?

  • Reducing the use of single-use plastic in production and consumption of leafy greens.
  • Utilizing power in times of excess to eliminate one of the biggest drawbacks of our system. 

How does our idea solve the challenge?

Our product offers a smart and circular solution for increasing quality and shelf-life of leafy greens and thereby eliminating the need for single-use plastics in both production and consumption. (Challenge 5)

By utilizing a hydroponic system we are essentially paying for the benefits of hydroponics by the power consumption. The benefits of hydroponics outweigh the drawbacks of such a system by far.

Our system will be powered solely in periods of overproduction of power and will use a power tracker to both log the power usage and estimate the best periods of on-time based on data given from “Energisystemet lige nu” provided by Energinet.dk (Challenge 4)

What type of data is  this idea is based on? 

Our idea is based on the different scientific research, many scientific papers indicates what we are claiming our product can do.

The project will include sensors, ideally connected to a cloud. Sensors include PH, temperature, water level, carbon dioxide etc. Ideally we would use the local power demand curve to predict when to use the highest amount of power. 


How does this idea contribute to more circularity?

By creating a product that increase quality and shelf-life of leafy greens to the point of a virtually guaranteed consumption, without the use of single-use plastics and by making the product (vase)  returnable for re-use, we can create a waste-free circular solution between production and consumption.


Who are the key players are and what are the barriers and values they each experience?

Key players

  • Dansk retursystem / own return system
  • Dansk supermarked / Coop
  • Growing facilities


  • High upfront investment cost - Scale of production
  • Power consumption
  • Return system 

The value our idea creates for the municipalities, citizens and business entities.

  • No single-use packaging used in leafy green production and consumption, creating less waste in the system thereby benefiting both local homeowners and municipality waste sorting systems. 
  • Longer shelf-life  
  • Higher quality of the greens
  • Promoting consumption over time
  • Promoting conscious consumption



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