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Innovation project at VIA University College - group 3

Denne idé er en del af VIA INO21 Challenge 1: Stop Littering With Cigarette Butts

8. februar 2021

Through Husforbi, the idea is to implement another product to the product portfolio. Pocket ashtrays are to be introduced as a new product for the homeless to carry and sell. This will bring the product out to the places where people often litter the most, and will aid homeless people in the process. Lastly, solving the problem with the pocket ashtrays not being sold in the Supermarkets. Additionally are the pocket ashtrays also relatively cheap to buy for around 3-4 DKK.

Value map: 

Products and services:

Make the existing solution available at the critical areas (bus stops, city centre, side streets)

Reduction in littering on the streets

Contribute the fight against severe poverty (homelessness)

Buy 2 ashtrays for 30 DKK.

Gain Creators:

Feel good about their purchase 

Easy access when in a hurry/ when trash cans are far away

Helping the environment stay clean

Pain relievers

  • Less worried about littering 
  • the possibility of recycling more, making Denmark greener 
  • Helping two good causes at the same time, the homeless and keeping the streets and nature clean 



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