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BYGAARD - Plug and play BOXFARMs

Denne idé er en del af The Circular Construction Challenge – Rethink Waste

3. oktober 2018

A Circular Business Model

BYGAARD, is a price winning circular economy initiative with remarks from both Ellen McArthur Foundation, Climate KIC, BLOXHUB and European Food Venture Cup. 

  • Technical circularity
    BYGAARD is the prototype of BOXFARM plug and play solutions.
    Each BOXFARM is designed for the temporary constraints that the ever evolving landscape of modern cities pose on urban farming initiatives, by being able to move from one location to another with minimal expenditures. 

    Scalable and moveable (farm recycling)
                  - Having a short ROI and being based on shipping containers, as well as greenhouses that are easily installed and decoupled, the design provides for scalability at one location, of site replication as well as for relocation.

    Component recycling
                  - By being designed on ISO objects and easily disassembled structures, almost all building materials have a low depreciation and will keep its value for other purposes in case of a shutdown of a farm module.

  • Biological circularity
    Combining the Mushroom, Microgreens and Market Gardening BOXFARMs at the same site, a industrial symbiosis is formed.
                   --> The Mushroom farm produces 500 kg of gourmet mushrooms/week on 2 tons local spent brewers grain and wood waste/week.
                  --> The spent mushroom substrate is then recycled by thermal composting and used as a sterile media to grow 220 kg microgreens/week. 
                  --> The spent compost from the Microgreens production is still full with nutrients and is fortified with organic matter and nutrients from the cut stems and remaining, and will be used to fertilize the 1.000 m2 Marked Garden.

Democratizing and Decentralizing Food Production

According to the UN Trade Commission 2013 (Wake Up Before It's Too Late), the only sustainable way to feed the worlds growing population, is through small scale organic farming producing food for their local markets.

Realizing BYGAARD, will make proof of concept for a standardized way to for small scale farmers around the world, to produce and distribute fresh quality food for their local communities.

Local Quality Food, Urban Greening and Distributed Production Know-how

BYGAARD is currently producing for selected restaurants, cafe's and other food businesses. These customers acclaim that these products have a higher gastronomic value, a longer shelf life as well as a variation that is not currently available at the Copenhagen marked at a competitive price point.

BYGAARD is believed by the local city planner to bring together the local community across democratic differences, and to become the main tourist in The Copenhagen South Harbour Area.

Several green entrepreneurs and NGO's from Denmark, Sweden and Island have already requested quotes for replications in their local contexts, as soon as the prototype farm is realized. The replication of the BOXFARMs will create a knowledge network that will help individual famers to grow together, and to attain training at the location in Copenhagen, ensuring more profitable green jobs in cities around the world.


BYGAARD is incubated in Bioteket and has a strong collaboration with the Municipality of Copenhagen, working with a Task Force in TMF to make precedents for coming temporary projects in Copenhagen. The project is also supported by Områdefornyelsen Sydhavn, who is fostering the local stakeholder contacts and contracts, and building permissions sponsored by Climate KIC. CAPNOVA is sponsoring the replication plan for BOXFARMs through their Bioeconomy Accelerator Program. 
AAU CPH, is also collaborating in the project by the support of master students as interns and running research projects.

The designs for the BOXFARMs are made in a collaboration with world leading practitioners from the relevant fields of small scale intensive horticulture and horticultural equipment manufacturers.