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Digitalization of heat exchangers help reducing global CO2 emission

Denne idé er en del af 360 Grader Prisen 2019

11. juli 2019

Energy losses from heat transfer (pumps, heat exchangers, pipes) caused by fouling are responsible for 1-2.5% global CO2 emission. The waste can be reduced by modern digitalization technologies. Smart heat exchangers are equipped with sensors that continuously monitor the performance for efficiency optimizing and service planning.

However, power supply for sensors is often problematic. Most heat exchangers are located isolatedly without easy access to the power grid. Batteries are hindered due to limited lifetime and man-power costs in replacement.

With TEGnology’s energy conversion technology, reliable power supply is generated on site for sensors and radio transmitters. Data is collected remotely from the cloud. This results in optimized energy/cost trade-offs and maintenance intervals, creating a multiple-winning solution with less energy consumption, better total operation cost for the customers, as well as less environmental impact.

With autonomous sensor network, IoT infrastructure is facilitated that provides new possibilities, such as customized product/service and machine learning.