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A Community Center empowering people to live and act more sustainable

Denne idé er en del af 360 Grader Prisen 2019

13. juli 2019

think.dk is a not-for profit community center, knowledge platform and event space for people working together towards a more sustainable society. The events, projects and initiatives we are hosting focus not only on environmental, but also on social and financial sustainability, therefore taking a holistic approach to sustainability. Our work is highly based on co-creation and volunteer work, while building a community of change-makers for mutual encouragement and inspiration.

Wer started think.dk because:

→ more and more alternative solutions do exist, but the knowledge needs to be spread and promoted to establish new, sustainable standards. People do not have time to research those solutions themselves, and we provide a knowledge platform for them to get informed and inspired.

→ we need more space to de-stress, slow down & connect with ourselves and others: lack of connection is a main reason for stress related diseases in our society, and our center provides a meeting place for open minded people from all ages & backgrounds and to connect, support & inspire each other to work together towards a more sustainable future.

→ we believe that everyone has the potential to make a difference and to create positive change - given the right environment and inspiration. At think.dk, everyone can become a change-maker by hosting their own events, experimenting and getting involved with the activities we offer.

We think that our Center is urgently needed as a counterweight to the ‘traditional’ activities such as arts and sports - people are craving input on new solutions, and how to navigate through this rapidly developing world we live in. think.dk is a place where people can learn to live more sustainably, where they can personally and collectively develop, be inspired, experiment, celebrate and create.

Our activities are structured in four different types: 

  • publications & online campaign: articles and/or short videos & social media campaigns to raise awareness & increase knowledge on sustainability related topics
  • recurring event: regular events hosted by think.dk or one of our members/co-creators (we host about 30 events per month, of which 80% are hosted by our mebers!)
  • community relations: activities related to build & nourish the community that is developing at the Center, to encourage interpersonal relations and human connection
  • (in-house) projects: all kinds of time-limited project that manifest change in the outside world


We believe that everyone has the potential to make a difference and help create tomorrow’s sustainable solutions.

By offering an explorative space, oriented around sustainability, connection, sharing and education, collaboration, curiosity and creativity, we can nurture, support and unfold this potential and transform good intentions into sustainable action.

By unfolding and orchestrating this positive human potential, we can create and be(come) the solution(s) this world needs.