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Textile Waste TV Show

Denne idé er en del af Den Cirkulære Tekstil Challenge

19. september 2019

TV shows and films are powerful. They offer new ways of seeing the world. They can introduce us to new ideas, new perspectives, and connect us with the past and to each other. Shows and movies across Scandinavia like Sweatshop: Deadly Fashion, Skam, Into Eternity, and Occupied thoughtfully tackle important social and environmental issues.  We can use the innovative strategies of these shows to highlight other issues including, textile waste in the municipality of Copenhagen. About 5 years ago I saw the show Sweatshop: Deadly Fashion.  Back then I was taking fashion design classes and imagining going to college and shaping a career around it. Sweatshop: Deadly Fashion made me re-analyze these dreams. It made me connect the ideas about sustainability to its impact on real people across the world. This show personally helped change my thinking and changed how I thought about the future I wanted, to really understand why sustainability matters. 


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