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INO21 solution: group 23

Denne idé er en del af VIA INO21 Challenge 4: Tech-Innovation - Smart Solutions For Waste Management In Public Spaces

2. februar 2021

Group: Baby Yoda is now 23

Group idea for INO21.


The goal of this idea is to create a system of automated trash cans. What's the benefit? Firstly, we no longer need to collect - the trash cans can just roll back to the collection point when they're full! Also, if we know that there is a high concentration of people somewhere, like at a concert, or a party at a bar - extra trashcans would help prevent littering. Many people think that having too few trashcans is the problem - this not only solves that, but it also completely precludes the need for trucks and collection.


Video link: https://www.icloud.com/attachment/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fcvws.icloud-content.com%2FB%2FAc-u-Yzy6GEQEaTV1Z9NOwKM9zEDAWBMLsJek_NP-SUYfGUBnOxl0XpC%2F%24%7Bf%7D%3Fo%3DAlil4KETzmPl2Ej48b--MvCRQlkH5LE2ZbqwmIWFeLOa%26v%3D1%26x%3D3%26a%3DCAogzV5BdU9tlBqcVNLlYxoTltKsYj_ukueJhYSr6MJC3U0SehDzj9uy-S4Y85_WhoMvIgEAKgkC6AMA_3PygmxSBIz3MQNaBGXRekJqJ6OJMI3wIMVU3jpw7BpPvCO4936o6pfLKjfkjOZ7ulNbJtE4U59diHInFoGlvlRiJvkVOj0kJ7upMhN0dHeZMqNe0ycYJd2iq_ghwO7nUzi8%26e%3D1615727005%26fl%3D%26r%3DF45D23D2-68F8-4366-9A45-EF2AC3F001B7-1%26k%3D%24%7Buk%7D%26ckc%3Dcom.apple.largeattachment%26ckz%3DE559CB1F-12B7-4FBC-8025-D4D99983628F%26p%3D54%26s%3DF8vjq49q9CapFu-7HUE7UPioQIw&uk=2DrkW8pJuDb0G0VtN5nW0A&f=INO_v2.m4v.zip&sz=231582909