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Kenya mission

Denne idé er en del af Welfare professions and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

8. februar 2019

What do we know about the UN goals?
- Goal 1: Social and economic problems (no jobs, school, gender equality)
- Goal 2: Food waste
- Goal 3: Having same possibilities about health care (an evil circle)
- Goal 4: Teachers are not qualified to educate others
- Goal 5: Human rights and discrimination
- Goal 6: Contamination (water)
- Goal 7: Indoor enviroment (like windpower, electricity, solar). Good isolation

We want to make a game for the kids so we can teach them about the UN goal "Zero Hunger", where we are focusing on food waste.  

We think it is a good idea because this is a way to learn kids about the future and the world problems because the kids are our future. 
We will use both professions: Nurse and Social education.

It will be usefull in kindergardens but also in schools and at hospitals. 

The game is called "Kenya mission" 

It will be a mission for the kids, where they first will learn about food waste in Denmark and how we handle it. After they will cross a bridge to Kenya, where they will learn about food waste here, but also how to help them. 

Thoughts about the game:
- quality education
- active learning - kids learn through their body
- first school kids. 

A game that you play on the floor. So the kids have to be active and move around with their body. The spots will have different colors, and they spin an arrow that´s on a disk with different colors --> This desides where they have to go. 


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