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Memorix - A next generation study tool

Denne idé er en del af 360 Grader Prisen 2019

Carsten Brinch Larsen
29. juli 2019

Institutions around the world are failing to prepare learners for the challenges of the 21st century.

We believe that the solution lies in a large scaled collaborative platform for creating and distributing knowledge, a place where collective intelligence flourishes and where the boundaries between teaching and learning blur.

Memorix is the first part of the envisioned platform to inspire for content creation, learning and sharing. The solution will help anchor knowledge by using powerful memo-techniques that are known to be highly effective. Memorix adds technology to make it more accessible and to allow for everyone to create new content.

We are building on the strong human desire for autonomy, competence and community and our platform delivers emotional triggers to satisfy these desires. There is a huge untapped potential of talent and good-will within the teaching community that we will put to use on worldwide scale, throughout all learning subjects for all forms of content and media.

Get a quick introduction to the essence of our product: https://youtu.be/PkcUY5VIyy8

See our short video where the theory behind our product is explained: https://youtu.be/EaPu3U3auyU

Who are we?

We worked for more than 10 years at LEGO in the fields of digital product development and experience design. We have led major innovation initiatives in the fields of Creativity, Play and Learning and ran Play & Learn tests with more than 3000 participants throughout the years. In 2017 we initiated LEGO Ventures and explored opportunities ‘Beyond the Brick’.

We have successfully recruited a team of designers, developers, community managers and analysts. Based on our experience from LEGO we know how to build high performance teams and deliver outstanding experiences.



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