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Modified methane capturing device

Denne idé er en del af Impact Challenge - Business with Purpose

Gretar Gudbjornsson
Gretar Gudbjornsson
1. december 2018

In china and usa they are capturing Methane from coal mines and using it to heat hotels and produce fuel for buses.

In Iceland it is being turned into rocks.

In switzerland they are capturing it from thin air and selling it to manufacturers,
and another is changing crops so cows produce less farts.

In Britain they have developed a new super-catalyst for converting gases and isolating gases.

And many more are emerging.

The Idea is simple, aggregate all these technologies and offer relevant solutions to the agricultural industry.
There is no need to wait for the perfect technology, we just need to act on what is already available. The options for preventing, capturing, recycling carbon dioxide and methane are constantly growing, and no one is getting it commercialized. 

1.       Innovative

The innovation is small but creates the infrastructure where innovation accelerated through collaboration, partnerships and sharing of technologies.

2.      Feasibility

The business model is highly feasible, with low funding cost but more labour intensive by the founders for the first year, doing research and creating connection with entrepreneurs in this field. Next stage (year 2-3) is getting appropriate solution and modifying it for the Danish market and proving the concept to investors and to the industry.
Third stage (year 3-5) is setting up facilities for modifications and production, location depends on technologies available at that time and market requirements.
future stage (year 5+) Get as much as possible of capturing devices in circulation around the world.

3.       Impact

The impact this will create is immeasurable, the potentials are both tangible and intangible, inspiring businesses to see the impact they can make, profitability will follow as regulations will change in the next 15 years to cope with global warming, and hopefully we will contribute to saving the climate.

4.       Scalable

There is no limit on how big specialist retailer and facilitator of this technology can grow. The need is here and will continue to grow exponentially, the system is slowly reacting and first to market will be very valuable for branding. As the aim with the company is not to invent new technology but modify or redistribute, existing solutions, there are no markets that are left out or will become inaccessible.