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Denne idé er en del af Smart & Close — Circular Data Challenge

12. november 2019

Nebula is a connecting platform that bridges people that want to organize events and public buildings that are empty.
People can now reserve spaces and use it for community purposes and pay the cost of the space when not in use (electricity etc). Small businesses can use these spaces to host workshops, seminars, presentations, therefore cutting costs. 

Public institutions can use it for career fairs, or events such as (eldery) gatherings, bookclubs, or other civil clubs, charity events, hackatons. 

Inhabitants of the municipality can register and need to verify themselves at the municipality. 

The data that is provided on the platform includes: location, description of location, capacity, costs, terms and agreements, inventory, availability and what it can/cannot be used for.

The people specify how they intend to use the space and what they need in terms of appliances (beamer, music installation, kitchen), and after a secure payment of the calculated costs, they pay in advance and pick up the keys at a pick up point/ municipality.

Depending on the size/nature of the event they might need guidance for the organization (flow of people, technicalities, security). They can request assistance on the platform, which is monetized. 

How is this circular: It is prolonging the value of buildings that otherwise would not be in use. it allows people to have access to spaces that already exists instead of building new spaces. It avoids consuming more energy and resources, by finding new ways of using predefined spaces in the city.


- Safety issues, legal issues: if there is a bad turn of events or if there are negative consequences. The person who rents is responsible. What happens if the property is damaged?

- Where do they pick up the key, protocol of opening and closing the building. There needs to be an instruction manual or tutorial.