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New Nordic Digitalization - A digitalization manual inspired by New Nordic Cuisine

Denne idé er en del af The Future of Nordic Manufacturing

29. juli 2017

"Dear enthusiast, leader, entrepreneur, change agent

We write to all of you who want to develop and implement digitalization, new organizations, business models, competencies and technologies in the public and private sectors.

New Nordic Digitalization is an e-book and process tool about digital innovation management customized to the specific Nordic challenges and opportunities

New Nordic Digitalization is inspired by New Nordic Cuisine. The Nordic countries are small welfare states, with strong tradition for collaboration, implementation and co-creation. Linux, Skype, Spotify Universal robots are idol examples of innovative Nordic services and technology democratizing the access to digitalization

New Nordic Digitalization is structured around two mega drivers:
• The value creation for the individual in terms of functionality, tools, competencies and organizations empowering us to do things we could not do before and to improve our quality of life
• Implementation of increased productivity using better ICT, business models, process tools, robots, economies of scale, specialization, and by involving users in value creation.

New Nordic Digitalization focus on
• Opportunities enabled by 60 newly emerged drivers
• Project goals because no products or business models get better than the value of the challenge they solve and because the value first materialize when implemented.

New Nordic Digitalization is a 360 degree process tool guiding you through 60 digitalization opportunities in one single process, and can be used in all phases of a stage gate process, through all stages of a value chain, in strategy processes or business canvas processes as a tool to remember to make the most of the good questions, define breakthrough project goals and get an overview of options you would otherwise have missed

Enjoy the book

Karina & Ivar

PS: A warm thank to the 20 experts who persistently and patiently through more than 50 loops helped us make this book better and better."