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NorthSide Festival // Closed loop recycling // This year's trash, next year's product

Denne idé er en del af The Circular Construction Challenge – Rethink Waste

Søren Stochholm Nielsen
Søren Stochholm Nielsen
7. oktober 2018

Most people have a positive attitude towards recycling and circular economy. But for many, recycling is far away and can be very untangible: What happens with the trash? Will it be burned anyway in the end? Is recycling a good idea? 

In cooperation with Down the Drain Production, beginning with NorthSide (NS), Tinderbox and Haven we want to change this view. This project has the possibility to communicate to more than 170.000 happy people, year after year, that recycling IS a good idea. 

To bring recycling close to people, we wish to develop closed loop recyling, bringing resources from year 1 back to the festival as a new product year 2. We already did a small project, where the plastic from the beer cups at NS17 was sorted and recycled and at NS18, the very same plastic returned as a new festival plate (see linked video from the big screens on the festival https://vimeo.com/283537591). This project was very well received by the audience, the partners and the media. We want to start using the sorted resources for material for the built atmosphere at the festivals. Maybe festival furniture, maybe small flexible shelters, or maybe something completely different.

Worldperfect is sustainability partner with Down The Drain Production, which enables us to work with NorthSide, Tinderbox and Haven, among other events. 

With this project we hope to showcase a recycling product, that will not only make people want to sort their waste, at the festival and at home, but also be the driver for many more recycling products in the years to come.