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Plastic Recycled Tiles

Denne idé er en del af The Circular Construction Challenge – Rethink Waste

22. september 2018

Starting as environmental nerds, we have created a small workspace, in just 2 containers, that is able to recycle all types of plastic coming in. 

Associated with the new streetfood market in Copenhagen, Reffen, we are collecting plastic waste from the food stalls, and in return making products for them to use, in their stall. 

We are taking the focus from a global scale, down to making small individual circular economy's, with food stalls and small restaurants, reducing their plastic waste by 70-80 percent, and on top creating unique design objects for them to use, in their restaurant. 

Our work is focused 2 ways at the moment: 

We have created plastic tiles, strong enough to be used in bathrooms, walls, floors og something similar. However there is big design/engineer process behind making sustainable glue, researching percentage material loss when recycled, cleaning options etc. 

When completely developed, there is a huge advantage to using plastic tiles, instead of ceramic. Our tiles, weigh 1/8 of what a ceramic tile does, making shipping and transportation, very cost efficient and saving Co2 at the same time.

Furthermore, if interested, all products can be made onsite, by using local plastic waste, which many companies and communities pays to get rid of today. 

If a plastic tile is introduced to a bathroom, you would be able to recycled 100 percent of the tiles, because it can all be taken down and remoulded into new tiles or other products, and this can also be done on site. 


Besides the products, we are trying to develop smaller and more efficient, plastic recycle machines. The goal of this is to make it possible, to introduce a small plastic-recycle-circuit, into small community's, for example shared housing with 100-200 people living there og student dorms. 

Our initial calculations shows, that if a city block in copenhagen, with 150 apartments, are able to simply shred their plastic on site, we can reduce the number of garbage pickups by 75 percent annually.

If their plastic waste is shredded, we estimate you only have to pickup plastic once every month, instead of once every week. This would mean considerably reduction in garbage trucks on the street, potentially saving a lot of co2 and also adding less noise, pollution and traffic in the areas. 


The vision is, to have plastic recycling machines in every small area possible, making all people able to recycle plastic. 

Furthermore, the vision is to create millions of small circular economies between companies and us, getting rid of plastic waste in the business sector, and giving the material "plastic" a value, instead of people looking at it as garbage. 


There is no place in the world, that does not use plastic or have a problem with plastic waste. The size our machines are in right now, we can fit an entire plastic recycling unit, into a 20 foot shipping container, and placing it anywhere in the world. 

And we want to develop even smaller machines, maybe making it possible to have plastic-recycle in your private home. 

You can implement plastic recycling anywhere in the world, whether it is just collecting the plastic, or grinding it or remoulding it, every part of the process can be started, with minimum funds and a few hands. 

Furthermore, it can create value in local communities, if you for example were to buy plastic of locals, they would get an incentive to sort and collect the plastic, giving us a viable building material, and ridding the world of plastic at the same time. 

At the moment we are simply 2 people who started this up, a marine engineer, and a soon-to-be architect. 

We are setting up collaborations with DTU in terms of machine development, and plastic production, strengt testing etc. 

We are trying to arrange collaborations with various architecture firms, and plastic producers in Denmark.