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Re-use the square meters not the bricks

Denne idé er en del af The Circular Construction Challenge – Rethink Waste

Palle Geltzer Dinesen
Palle Geltzer Dinesen
8. oktober 2018

Buildings should be used to their maximum potential and not be torn down to recycle the materials! Understanding the state of buildings and how we use them as human beings can help us make better use of existing square meters and conserve energy

Today, 40% of the energy consumption in the World takes place in buildings, and there is a strong push form the EU to build new zero emission buildings to reduce the CO2 foot print of governmental and commercial buildings. But what if, we can make existing square meters more energy efficient and at the same time make much better use of them.

UbiqiSense is developing a building sensing system that thanks to its unprecedented low-cost and AI-based intelligent computer-vision sensors will allow for understanding people’s usage of buildings with an extraordinarily high granularity, effectively helping to save energy and maintain buildings in three ways: direct energy usage control by means of real-time control of heating, cooling, ventilation, and lighting based on sensing data; optimization and reduction of space usage by means of analysis of historical usage and subsequent optimization; and reduction of building maintenance by detailed understanding of people usage instead of assumptions.

Smart building introduction:



Actual data acquisition from UbiqiSense prototype sensor system: