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SCAN - SORT - REWARD - Group 30

Denne idé er en del af VIA INO21 Challenge 4: Tech-Innovation - Smart Solutions For Waste Management In Public Spaces

Rasmus Bartram
8. februar 2021

                                                     Scan -- Sort -- Reward

Bins with 4 different sections for different types of garbage (glass and metal, general waste, paper, plastic) are placed in central parts of the city - the park, near the station, in the city centre.

A NIR scanner is placed on the side of the bin where you can scan the garbage and find out where to place it in the bin.

Movable walls controlled with solar panels on top of the bin makes it possible to increase/decrease the size of the room which is full/not full.

At the same time, you have the opportunity to register your yellow card and via an app earn credit for shops in the city. 

The app can also provide you with information on how the different garbage types are going to be recycled after collection, just as it will let you know how much carbon you have saved from recycling the material.


Pitch for the project:




Video showing the idea

iCloud - Download "IMG_3779.MOV"