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Seaplastic garbage sorting system for harbours and coasts

Denne idé er en del af The Circular Construction Challenge – Rethink Waste

Søren Stochholm Nielsen
Søren Stochholm Nielsen
8. oktober 2018

Earlier projects have tried to make different furniture from sea plastics, but this project is different.

1. We have acces to high quality plastic from the sea, making it possible for this project to achieve a rather high percentage of recycled sea plastic in the end product. We are already in close dialogue with a supplier and partner.

2. We want to make a "garbage sorting ready" system (garbage cans with a number of different rooms), in order to make the garbage collecting system itself collecting sorted trash ready for recycling. Garbage sorting has been our specialty, since the development of eventbox (designed in close cooperation with RUM3), the well proven system known from NorthSide, HEMPEL sailing world championships Aarhus 2018, and other places. 

3. We're making a prototype, that can be made into a "real product" sold in normal market terms after the project period has ended.

Worldperfect has good experience in working with designers and recycling, especially when it comes to plastics. There are no sketches yet, as the project is very new.

The project shows plastic as a valuable resource that shouldn't be thrown away, but collected and recycled. Furthermore, by the use of nudging, the new trash collecting system will make people sort their waste, as a 100% natural behaviour. By making the system flexible, it will be adjustable for meeting every municipality's specific waste disposal requirements.