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SmarTray - Group 34

Denne idé er en del af VIA INO21 Challenge 1: Stop Littering With Cigarette Butts

8. februar 2021

Our solution is to implement sombre, but decorated ashtrays, which fit in with the city scene. Furthermore, they should have a capacity high enough to contain cigarettes from the areas with a high frequency of pedestrian traffic, located in the centre of Aarhus. These ashtrays should be made easy to see in the cityscape, by painting them in visible colours, perhaps decorating them with modern art. Furthermore, there should be integrated a network of lines on the street, guiding the user to the nearest ashtray. The lines should have arrows, indicating which direction to follow the line in. There should be an integrated sensor, with a corresponding dio-display connected to the ashtray, showing the amount of cigarette butts thrown into that specific ashtray, over a given period. This solutions purpose is to minimize the time, as well as creating a more fun and manageable experience when deposing of cigarette butts, in a more responsible and environmentally friendly manner.

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