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Squarely greener businesses, greener cities

Denne idé er en del af The Circular Construction Challenge – Rethink Waste

Squarely IVS
Squarely IVS
1. oktober 2018
  1. The Circularity:

The Squarely circularity consists of 7 aspects:

 - Collaborations:  Squarely re-uses its collaborators waste materials to create new plant boxes sold by Squarely or used exclusively by the partner companies. That way both companies benefit from a stronger sustainable business model and saved resources.

Squarely is looking for the companies that waste the materials that can be re-used for the plant boxes:

- Small parts of the wood

- Plastic containers

- Waterproof fabric 

- Packaging 


- Waste as the primary source: Industrial waste coming from construction, furniture  furniture production, and the food industry is the primary source of production materials used by Squarely. Also only  FSC certified wood and certified plastic are used.

- Long lasting product. Besides the high quality and resistance of the wood used, Squarely treats its products with oil 

to increase resistance to all types of weather and makes sure the Squarely boxes maintain their original characteristics/features). Additionally its easy to re-apply oil by the users to further prolong the lifespan of the product.

-Modular design. The plant boxes are designed and manufactured for an easy assembly and disassembly at any time. This allows the pieces to be partially replaced and keep the use and value of the product for many years. The modular Squarely products allow the great flexibility in placement and an easy extension of the solution. The customers can use the same products both outdoors and indoors. Through the use of accessories, they can place the product differently.


- Attachment, feelings, and trust. The Squarely boxes offer the possibility of personalizing the products through the variety in accessories which creates a sense of ownership and individualization. That contributes to increased value perception of the product in the eyes of the customer and makes them care about the product and hereby keep the Squarely box long term.




- Take back system. By collecting the products once the owner does not need them any longer, Squarely closes the resource loops and uses that material to research and innovate in new products.


- Product Service System.  Squarely wants its users to have the most exceptional experience and therefore it offers the possibility of renting the products for temporary events.  The whole package providing specially selected plants already placed in the boxes and the maintenance guide is provided.


Sourcing - Transporting - Manufacturing and assembling - Selling or renting -  Usage and maintenance - Collection.


2. Vision – What is the visionary aim of the solution?


INSPIRATION. Green urban living and reused materials.

Squarely products have the objective of connecting people with nature by easing plant growing and giving new life to waste materials.


It's well known that plants in people’s surroundings improve their well-being and reduce the stress levels. Research shows that more greenery in the cities can reduce air and noise pollution, as well as raise insect biodiversity in cities.


That’s why Squarely wants to bring nature into the city. 



Circular economy & cubic design

Squarely cares about the environmental and human footprint. That is why its products are manufactured in a sustainable way from reused – and reusable – materials. 



Squarely wants to involve more companies in the green journey and through these collaborations achieve higher quality, functional and beautiful products that will replace low-end,  high polluting in production and short lifespan plant containers

Why Squarely products?

Squarely helps people to grow plants easily by introducing the self-watering system into the plant boxes that have been used in agriculture for centuries.

The system is self-regulating and requires watering only twice a month that saves time and minimizes the hurdle of maintaining plants. 


The look of the SQUARELY plant boxes is Scandinavian minimalistic, organic – and cubic. The non-traditional Squarely plant box fits more easily to walls, corners, balconies railings than round flower pots do


3. Value creation – What value do you create for the user, the planet and the society at large? 


Value to the user:

Saves time on watering, 

Saves money on wasted plants, maintenances/ services, 

Grows plants easily, 

Can create a tailored solution with one product, 

Due to the flexibility and variety of Squarely boxes in size, color and accessories the user can build a complete Squarely plant box design in their living environment,

The unique character of creating a space with organic feeling,

Benefits the environment, 


Value to the company:

Save resources for waste disposal,

Sustainable visible action, sustainable business model

Sophisticated  easy to arrange green space

green co-branding,


Value to the society:

Less pollution, 

More greenery in the surroundings 

Educational value - Building awareness in upcycling and recycling

New jobs


4. Scalability – What is the market potential of the solution? 


There is a growing global demand for design with plants and easy solution for growing them. The production and sale can be within few months upscaled to other European countries and global markets. The Squarely products are fit to use in any climate all over the world. 


Main competitor Lechuza producing Self-watering planters has the global market with the revenue  62 M € in 2017 with the growth rate of 15%.

Lechuza is selling both B2C and B2B.


Squarely :

To start with the servicable market in Dk B2B

1,6 M € with the growth rate of 9%


5. Co-creation – Who is contributing to the solution? 


CSE - Squarely is a part of Copenhagen School of Entrepreneurship StartUp program - finishing a stage - proof of business

KEA - the collaboration with the Department of Production Technology to improve the products and find new ‚waste’ resources


Aalborg University ,Gate 2, DTU - granted a program Bæredygtig Bundlinje:



Greentech challenge - selected as one of 12 danish company working with sustainability and the concept of green cities 



Creator Formland Spring 2019 - selected 

Altanliv/ Altan.dk - promotion of the products, potential development of the products together from the waste materials, 

Restaurants in Cph: Noho, BOB, 

Danish Design Museum - Sustainable Festival: Design Exchange, 

Sparrings Partnere -  mentorship, 


+ team - please look at the attached presentation 


6. An outline of the competencies you need to realize your idea:

Expertise in:

Material sourcing, 

Production technology, wood treatment 

Business development

Marketing & Communication, 



7.  What you expect that the CCC-program can do for you..


- The CCC program could connect Squarely with the professionals that have knowledge and experience with the resources re-use,

- Open the network to the new business collaboration, 

- Provide the consultancy within sustainable business model creation 

- Support marketing and sales activities, 

- Provide funding necessary to pursue the new product development, marketing & communication, and sales activities, 


Indsendt af Squarely IVS den 1. oktober 2018

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