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Sus Kids

Denne idé er en del af Welfare professions and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

8. februar 2019

Group 20 - Sustainable Kids

A learning app for children

The app that we want to create, is a multiple learning app by playing games. There will be 17 different games, one for every main goal of the UN and a start game about the UN in general. 
The app is thought of in the light, that we don't think that we will ever achieve the goals of the UN, without changing the mindset of the population.

We have chosen to solve our problem by creating a game, because of the possibilities that a game generates. In a game you can create a world, where the children will face problems and learn the solutions that might not be possible in the real world(1)(2). They can improve their ability to solve and respond to problems. In the game we create an environment where you get a  reword, which encourage the mind of the children(3). finally, the game gives an opportunity for hands on learning and thinking. 

The product of our solution is an app, because its easy to acces. Tablets and iPads are already a big part of education and therefore we have a big reach with our produkt. 

We think that by educating children, we can influence their mindset to include a knowlege about the world and a will to maintage it. We believe that by changing the mindset of children, we can also influence their parents and their grandparents. Our hope is, that when these children get older, they will include these goals in their everyday life without even realising it as a "green thinking". 

1 - http://www.blivklog.dk/spil-i-undervisningen/ 

2 - https://henley.dk/blog/laering-gennem-leg-og-spil/

3 - Linda Grundtvig, PALS og KRAP - http://www.boernogunge.dk/internet/boernogunge.nsf/0/DC1C34F6959379ADC1257A0700426D2F





Indsendt af Baagø den 20. februar 2019

It sounds interesting. I was wondering, why your idea is an app? How does these games change the mindset of an population?
Further, I have a lot of questions I would like to see answered in your final idea.
You say it is a learning app, but please elaborate how you imagine the learning environment to be like. Where will the kids play - in school/daycare or at home? When will they play? Do you think they would play the game themselves - if not, will parents download this app and play it with their kids? Or do they do it in institutions. If the first, you might consider how the app will be discovered and incitaments for downloading it. If the latter, please consider if the game could be something else - I'd suggest that you incorperate social learning in you idea.
Finally, when creating an app - do you need the functions of the phone (e.g. GPS, messages, camera). If not, you could make your idea more feasible by making a webapp.
Looking forward to reading your updated idea:)
Best regards